Many people confuse 'gifted' children with 'high achievers' - they are not the same

Workshops and Events

National Center for Gifted Services team is available to deliver presentations about the unique characteristics of gifted children to schools, businesses, corporate teams, nonprofits, service providers, parent groups and other groups.

Sample Presentation Topics

  • The Truth about Gifted versus High Achieving Students
  • Keeping Our Kids Safe; the Unique Vulnerabilities of Gifted Children
  • Best Practices in Gifted Education in the United States
  • More than Just a Brain; the Importance of Developing a High Social-Emotional IQ in Gifted Children
  • Why Chess, Art, Music and Yoga Are Important for Gifted Children
  • From Perfectionism to Existential Angst; The Dark Sides of Being Gifted
  • Defining the G-Word; What “Gifted” Really Means
  • Why Doesn’t My Smart Kid Get Good Grades? A Discussion about Ability versus Achievement
  • School 2.0; Unconventional Schooling Choices for Gifted Children
  • Unique Behavioral, Physiological and Emotional Characteristics of Gifted Children
  • How IQ Testing Can Help Parents Support their Gifted Child
  • Are Gifted Children More Vulnerable to Anxiety, Depression and Suicide?
  • Mapping the Intense, Complex World of Gifted Students

National Center for Gifted Services team members are also available to facilitate weekly or monthly groups for parents and educators.

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