Parenting a gifted child is an endurance sport

Parenting Gifted Children

Gifted children are wired differently so we need to parent them differently from other children. Our kids crave constant intellectual stimulation which is sometimes called, “the rage to learn.” We become facilitators of their education but it’s important for parents to remember that we are raising a whole child, not just a voracious little brain. In order for our children to develop optimally, we need to expose them to music, sports, recreational activities (chess is a favorite of the gifted), languages, art and other domains. We also want to ensure that in-between all of that reading our kids enjoy, they are given opportunities to develop social skills, leadership skills and a sense of personal responsibility. Because things usually come easy for our kids, they often lack a strong work ethic or the endurance (aka grit) to work through difficult challenges. These are skills they need to develop in order to become happy, healthy, successful adults.

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