The brain of a gifted child is structurally and operationally different

Background on Gifted Children

This resource library provides links to helpful articles, research studies, videos and blogs about parenting and education gifted children.

A child born gifted may have intrinsic abilities that go unrealized without the right support from the adults in their lives at home and at school. Thank you for reading and sharing these links.

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Characteristics IconCharacteristics of Gifted Children

By nature, gifted children experience asynchronous development…Read More

Identification IconIdentifying Gifted Children

Parents often find out their child is gifted after the child’s school administers ability…Read More

Educating IconEducating Gifted Children

One of the biggest challenges of raising a gifted child in the United States is that… Read More

Development IconDevelopment of Gifted Children

The size, processing speed and overall efficiency of the gifted child’s brain…Read More

Parenting Gifted Children

Gifted children are built differently so we need to parent them differently. Many of our children…Read More