Parents want help navigating the choppy waters of raising a gifted child

What is Parent Consulting?

Consulting sessions for parents are with Chris Croll, Founder of the National Center for Gifted Services. Topics covered may include:

  • Eliminating boredom in school
  • Testing options for giftedness
  • Advocating with teachers and administrators
  • Enrichment and academics outside of school
  • Managing challenging behavior
  • Social-emotional development
  • Summer programs
  • Referrals to enrichment classes, online courses, tutoring, camps, etc.
  • Considerations for acceleration and grade skipping
  • Reviews of private schools and home school programs
  • Merit scholarships for high school and college
  • Twice-exceptional (gifted/ADHD) concerns
  • Strategies for developing the whole child (not just that voracious little brain)