How the National Center for Gifted Services Came to Be

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Hi, I’m Chris Croll, founder of the National Center for Gifted Services.  The Center launched in 2017 with the goal of developing a resource for parents across America who are raising gifted children. The Center is a safe place where parents can interact with one another, access the latest research and do a deep-dive with parenting and behavior experts who have first-hand experience raising and teaching gifted kids like ours. 

One of the reasons we parents of gifted children struggle so much is because the world isn’t always kind to gifted children (or their beleaguered parents!). Many confuse ‘gifted’ with ‘high achieving’ and assume that our children earn straight A’s in school, behave themselves like little adults at home and are all on a path to lifelong success. Anyone raising gifted children can tell you this is, laughably, not usually the case.

When my oldest son was “diagnosed” as being profoundly gifted (yes, I consider it a diagnosis since the ramifications are as broad and deep as any other learning difference), my husband and I had to develop our own roadmap to chart our son’s education and personal development. After I launched a local parenting group in my community, Loudoun County Parents of Gifted Students, it became clear that many parents of gifted children need broader and more personalized support than what is generally available today.

Parents of gifted children often feel woefully unprepared for the unique challenges we face trying to raise our children. Sadly, due to society’s misunderstanding of what ‘gifted’ really entails, we are often forced to face these challenges alone. For some parents, even close family members and friends are ambivalent or even hostile when we try to talk about how hard it is to raise asynchronous children.

The National Center for Gifted Services is here to help parents connect with resources and other parents of gifted children. My goal is to work together with you to create home and school environments that allow our kids to develop optimally and to achieve their full potential in life.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to hearing your feedback.